Wrought Iron Fence

Edmond wrought iron fences don’t rust, chip, stain or chalk up.  We work with a superior vendor who supplies us with thick wrought iron frames and pickets.  They apply a UV inhibitor within the clear coat to prevents paint failure.  We have noticed that many of our clients are initially resistant to wrought iron fencing because they are afraid of rust and decay.  The iron we use is galvanized to ward off rust and peeling.  Wrought iron fencing adds sophistication to your property.  There’s nothing like an ornate wrought iron gate to complement a beautiful home.

Automated Gates
Choose how people come and go from your property.  Automated gates give you more control over your property’s security system.  We can install a beautiful solar powered wrought iron gate with automatic exits.  There are many options for entry and exit, depending on your needs and the layout of your property.  Keypads, swipe cards, touchpads with intercom and push buttons are all viable security choices.  Before you invest in a wrought iron automated gate, schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable sales representative.  To expedite the process, you may email photos of the area where you’d like the gate installed.  She will come prepared with measuring tape, product samples and a catalogue of our work.

Quality and Construction
Securing your property is serious business and we want you to make the most informed decision possible.  Our wrought iron fences are welded together as opposed to bolted.  As with any screw, bolts will loosen over time making your fence less strong and secure.  Edmond Fence Service installs U-frame fencing to prevent sagging throughout the life of your gate.  Take a drive around your community and count how many wrought iron fences you notice with a U-frame.  You won’t count many because most companies cut corners by installing the pickets within the posts.  They then secure those pickets by bolting them to another horizontal picket at the bottom.  Choose Edmond Fence Service because we are a cut above the rest.

Wrought iron fences are a great way to secure your property without compromising its beauty.  We are able to install a curved anti-climb fence system that will not interfere with the integrity of your building’s aesthetics.  These fences are powder coated to protect their beautiful finish.  Most of our customers choose between black, bronze, white and dark green.  Of course, we’d be happy to work with your architect or building project manager to create a custom color.  It matters that we are very deliberate in installing wrought iron with thicker than average frames and pickets.  As a result, you are getting a superior value with a much stronger fence.

Wrought iron fencing is not just for the CIA and homes in Piedmont.  We’ve installed wrought iron fencing around pools, patios and modest homes.  With the level of gun violence prevalent in schools across the nation, installing a wrought iron fence and gate in addition to your existing security system is a powerful way to ward off anyone who desires to do harm to students or staff.  If you’ve acquired property within a community that is on the brink of gentrification, an ornate wrought iron fence is a great way to protect your investment without alienating your neighbors.  Give us a call to consider all of your options.

Edmond, OK