Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences won’t chip, peel, warp or fade.  They provide privacy, security and character to any property.  Edmond fences are customized for your needs.  Choose the color, finish, height, design and placement of your custom fence.  Edmond Fence Service does not use prefabricated fences.  Prefab fences typically don’t facilitate the flexibility we desire.  With vinyl fencing, there is more than meets the eye.  There are a plethora of colors and finishes available for you to choose from.  Don’t judge your options by your neighbor’s choices.  They may have gone with a lessor fence installer.  Our vendor network is comprised of quality suppliers who provide superb and economical PVC fencing.

Our clients love vinyl for its durability and natural like appearance.  You can have a maintenance free white picket fence.  Vinyl fences are a great, affordable investment for your home.  UV inhibitors are added to the vinyl in an effort to maintain its color and character for years to come.  Your vinyl fence won’t rot or weather.  We can use vinyl fencing in combination with other materials.  It is not uncommon for us to use wood posts with vinyl boards.  A few customers have requested that decorative vinyl be installed atop a stone wall for added privacy.  A steel frame with a solid vinyl enclosure is another viable option.

The customization begins the moment you schedule your free consultation.  Based on the information you provide over the phone, a sales rep will arrive prepared to show you samples that will work for your property’s blueprint.  Every property is unique and requires specialized attention.  Your property’s specifications are used by our property manager to create your personalized vinyl fence.  Depending on the size of your property, your vinyl fence will be installed within one day.  We could save time by ordering a prefab fence for your property, but those fences don’t allow for the flexibility we need.

If want your property to stand out, you will be amazed at the variety of designs available to you.  Just when you think that you’ve exhausted the possibilities, the sales rep will let you know that any design you see is available in combination with another.  Choose your design based on your needs and personal tastes.  If the fence is for commercial or industrial use, you are free to customize it in alignment with your brand’s mission and aesthetic.  Shadow board, privacy, semi-private and spaced picket are some of our most popular designs.  We invite you to get as creative as you like because we enjoy installations that are a departure from the norm.

Professionalism and Sourcing
All men are created equal but all vinyl fencing is not.  You can judge a fence professional by his tools and his products.  His tools should worn but in good condition.  If his tools are worn, that tells you that he gets a lot of business which is probably due to his level of workmanship.  Tools in good condition means he is a perfectionist, takes his craft seriously and clean and maintenance his tools consistently - we invite you to check out our tools.  Depending on the vendor, vinyl fencing can be thin which means that it will twist in the wind.  Our vinyl is of a thick quality, has a UV protectant, is backed by a manufacturers and workmanship warranty.


Edmond, OK