Fence Service

Edmond Fence Service is a family owned and operated company specializing in cedar, vinyl, wrought iron and chain link installations and fence repair.  We are staffed and equipped to service and repair residential, commercial, industrial and recreational fences.  Whether your goal is to enhance your home’s curb appeal or to provide a protective barrier, we have the expertise and tools to handle the job.  A well constructed fence will increase your home’s value.  Edmond fences last a lifetime.  We are so confident with our level of expertise that we offer a workmanship warranty.  If a warranty covered feature fails or breaks, we will return to fix it for free.

Beautification and Curb Appeal
A beautiful, well maintained fence seriously enhances your home’s curb appeal.  When you pull up to a home, the first thing you notice is the fence.  A wood fence that is weathered and leaning detracts from your home’s visual aesthetic.  If your fence is sagging and the wood finish is faded people will judge your home poorly.  They will assume that your home is unkempt and in disrepair.  A well designed and constructed fence is a status symbol.  It communicates affluence, cleanliness and organization.  When one views a beautiful fence and well kept yard, they assume that productive citizens reside beyond the gate.

Permits and 811
Many townships and neighborhood associations require that you obtain a permit before installing a fence.  To acquire a permit, you simply need to share a copy of your plat of survey.  The plat of survey will detail your land boundaries and inform the installer where to plot the fence.  If the installer is not careful, he could damage any cable, water, electric or gas lines that may be present.  811 is a free utility marking service that you can call to aid your installer while he is digging in your yard to install the posts.  This service provider will come to your home and place flags or spray paint where ever any cable or utility lines may be.

Commercial and Industrial Fencing
If you’d like a no-climb fence installed as an extra security measure, our team of fencing installers can construct it in less than a day.  We measure our largest projects in miles not feet.  The right fencing can protect an airplane runway from debris and intruders.  A well planned fence can control traffic flow and demarcate the boundaries of a shopping center.  Chain link fences with barbed wire, work well in securing detention centers.  The right fence will protect children from predators and also prevent ditching when installed around a school’s perimeter.  Regardless of your sector, you can trust that Edmond Fence Service has the tools, manpower and expertise to secure and beautify your property.

Residential and Recreational Fencing
Swimming pools, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, track fields and stadiums will be well protected from trash and intruders with a strong, well designed fence.  For golf courses located in residential neighborhoods, a 30 foot fence can keep the balls on the course without risking the damage to someone’s home or car.  Whether your pool is located in a school or residential property, it is imperative that small children and inebriated individuals are met with a safety barrier before entering the pool.  Pool fencing is for your protection and theirs.  If someone is hurt on your property, you will be held liable.  Proper fencing prevents legal liability issues.

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