Fence Repair

Quite frankly, we are appalled at the lack of quality fence workmanship in Oklahoma County.  Some of our competitors either don’t know or don’t care to install a fence that will last a lifetime.  It would be our pleasure to repair a fence previously installed by another company or individual.  The amount of DIY fencing installation and repair videos on the world wide web are nearly infinite.  While we want homeowners to be empowered and well informed, the only way your fence will last beyond a few years when you do it yourself is if you have a background in carpentry.

Workmanship Warranty
Edmond fences do not peel, chip, flake or lean.  Our workmanship is backed by a 3 year warranty.  The closures and locking mechanisms come with a 1 year workmanship warranty.  In all honesty, your fence should outlast you.  You want to be able to pass your property down to your children with the fence you installed in tact.  When preparing your property for sale or rent, the last thing you want to put on your list is, ‘repair fence’.  With the proper maintenance and care, your fence will stand the test of time.  We understand if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to care of your fence annually.  You may contract a maintenance schedule with Edmond Fence Service and we can do it for you.

Types of Fence Repair
The most common disrepair we notice are leaning fences.  Over time, the posts that anchor the fence have the propensity to lean and settle from improper installation, wind and high impact contact.  When you look at your fence, you should feel a sense of pride knowing that your hard work has made it possible for you to acquire something worthy of protecting.  Instead when you see your fence mental strain creeps across your face.  Allow us to mitigate your cerebral conflict by mending your fence.  Broken posts, rotted slats, fading paint and finish surfaces, top rail replacements and the patching of chain link fences can all be handled by Edmond Fence Service.

When you consider the fact that you’re adding value to your home, the price to install and repair your fence is minimal.  In fact, the cost is so low, we wonder why people wait so long to mend their fences.  It looks like such a big job that people assume that the price to maintain a beautiful fence is beyond reach.  Quite the contrary, for an expert, mending a fence is quick and easy.  Don’t let your fence sag or risk your child falling into the pool unsupervised.  Contact Edmond Fence Service for a complimentary consultation and quote.   In many cases, a sales representative can provide you with an approximate quote over the phone.

The Tools We Use
With anything in life, you need to have the right tools.  We’ve been at this a long time, so we have all the tools we need and then some.  We love what we do so sometimes we splurge on a tool, software or piece of equipment that we don’t need but the promise it brings is priceless.  Edmond Fence invests in tools that help us operate more efficiently.  Efficiency means a faster and more organized process that results in your saving money.  If it takes us eight hours to make a minor repair, you will pay for our inefficiency through labor costs.  However, if we mend your fence in two hours your overall costs are guaranteed to be lower.

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