Chain Link Fence

The type of fence you select is dependent on your budget, location and aesthetic.  Don’t feel limited with a chain link fence because they are not as basic as you think.  When working within your budget allocation you can opt for green, black and brown vinyl coating.  These are just the colors that our clients normally choose.  There are many more colors available through customization.  You have the option to select the diamond size for your chain link fence.  Keep in mind that the bigger the diamond, the less secure the fence.  The smaller the diamond, the more strong it is.

The Edmond galvanized chain link fence is typically our most economical option.  Although it is price friendly, it still does its job effectively.  You may be the property manager of a low to moderate income apartment complex.  If you have received increasing reports of violence, theft and drug distribution, we can install a mini diamond, angled fence coated in thermally fused brown vinyl to keep your tenants safe.  This fence will be priced within your budget, your tenants will feel protected and with the right security measures put in place, this chain link fence will be a deterrent to crime.

Color Options and Slats
Have fun with the various color options available with chain link fencing.  You thought chain link fencing was boring and cheap - well think again.  The most basic colors are brown, black and dark green.  But who wants to be basic when you can be bold?  We can custom coat your chain link fence in red, purple or blue.  If a vinyl coating is not for you, opt for colored slats to give you premium privacy.  The most common slat color is white, but you can choose orange, green or blue.  During your complimentary consultation we will show you some vibrant samples.

There is literally no limit to where we can install a quality chain link fence.  These fences are perfect for protecting valuable stationary equipment.  Secure a generator, HVAC system or trash dumpster with a proper chain link fence.  You don’t want people dumpster diving for discarded materials.  Ward off the mess that scavengers leave behind by having a chain link fence with slats installed around your dumpster.  Generators, HVAC systems and the like are very valuable and potentially dangerous when a safety barrier is not erected.  To guard your property from harm, a chain link fence can be erected that is both protective and visually appealing.

Anti Climb Fencing
Chain link fencing is a very practical way to get the security of an anti climb fence without the high price tag.  We installed a thirty foot anti climb chain link fence with barbed wire for a Oklahoma detention center.  Upon seeing the anti climb fence, it makes criminals think four, five and six times before attempting to scale it.  Anti climb fencing is also very effective for athletic stadiums and arenas.  There’s always a few people who attempt to bypass the ticket booth.  Reduce your legal liability and increase your revenue by allowing Edmond Fence Service to erect an anti climb chain link fence on your property.

Edmond, OK