Cedar Fence

These days many people shy away from cedar fencing because they have witnessed so many in disrepair.  Don’t judge a fence by its owners.  If cared for properly, a cedar fence can last a lifetime.  Try as we might, you cannot manufacture the look of wood with 100% accuracy.  The aroma, texture and knots are perfectly nature made.  Edmond Fence Service can install a beautiful cedar fence for your home or office in less than a day.  The crew chief will not leave your property without instructing you or your building engineer on how to take care of it.  If you are unable to work consistent maintenance into your busy schedule, we can do it for you.

Design Types
Cedar is extremely versatile and can be used to construct a privacy, picket or shadow fence.  We love them because they drastically improve your outdoor living space.  With a privacy fence you can relax on your patio in your bathing suit without the worry of onlookers.  The white picket fence is indoctrinated within the psyche of all Americans as the symbol of security and success.  You’ve got a beautiful new house, progressive career, spouse, two kids and a dog, might as well go all the way with a white picket fence.  Cedar wood is naturally decay resistant.  The mill that we acquire our cedar from applies a wood treatment to make it even more durable.  Before applying the final layer of paint or finish, we coat your new cedar fence with a weather and rot resistant compound.

When we construct your cedar fence, we build it to last.  We have fifty years in the fencing business and are extremely confident in our quality of work.  We are so confident that we offer a workmanship warranty for up to three years.  Gate closures and locking mechanisms have a one year workmanship warranty.  Acts of God and other events beyond our control are not under warranty.  Our family owned and operated company is located in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Should something go wrong, you won’t have to chase us down or call the Better Business Bureau.  We are right here and we stand by our work.

Cedar Wood Characteristics
There is something transformative about working with wood.  While we love the end results of wrought iron, chain link and vinyl; cedar is our favorite medium to work with.  Edmond Fence Service sources from the finest mills.  Our decay resistant cedar is low maintenanced.  The aroma of the wood when it’s cut and first installed is absolutely arresting.  Cedar has a visual appeal that is unmatched.  If you’re planning on upgrading from your starter home or thinking of downsizing to a simpler abode, consider installing a cedar fence.  A beautiful fence will increase your home’s value and the value of the abodes that surround you.

The Complimentary Consultation
Our consultations are quick and informative.  If you’re on the market for a new cedar fence, contact us for a complimentary consultation.  During the conversation or in an email, let us know what you have in mind.  A friendly Edmond sales representative will arrive with samples and walk the property with you.  There are a plethora of design features, colors and materials to choose from.  Don’t base your opinion on what you’ve seen your neighbors do.  The sky is the limit and we will show you the way.  After you choose your design, we will go back to the office and a project manager will dedicate herself to customizing your cedar fence.

Edmond, OK